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Quality Policy

We establish as our quality policy to take the commitment of training our personnel, constantly improve our processes and review the system for offering high reliability products and to deliver them strictly within the contract due date.

“Considering that the customer satisfaction is the one that assures to the company strength in the face of competitors, growth and continuity in the market”.

As members of IDSA we commit to achieving and maintaining the following objectives:

  • The commitment of the management committee to maintain the development and implementation of the Quality Management System.

  • To assure its effectiveness and the availability of resources.

  • The maintenance of a suitable organization structure.

  • The management committee review for assuring the convenience, suitability and effectiveness of the Quality System, preventing non-conformances with the object of minimising potential risks that they could cause.

  • The solution of non-conformances and to prevent potential non-conformances applying corrective actions to prevent them from happening again.

  • The constant tendency to continuous improvement through the use of the Quality Policy, doing audits, data analysis, preventive and corrective actions by the management committee.

This Quality policy must be used, communicated and understood by all the members of the organization with the purpose of maintain its level of excellence in the environment where it operates.

June 2003

Luis A. Delgado


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